In accordance with the rules of ethics of the legal profession, the law firm must give a certain pieces of information to the client. Below you will find all legal information.

Law firm JURIS’prudence

Represented by Maria Fontanet

Strandvejen 60

DK-2900 Hellerup


Tel. : (+45) 28 43 80 83

E-mail :

EU VAT no. : DK26591635


The law firm also has an office in France :

6, place Saint Sulpice

F-75006 Paris


Tel. : (+33) 1 45 44 10 33


The law firm JURIS’prudence is organized as an individual business represented by Maria Fontanet. The law firm is registered in the Danish Business Register under registration no. 26 59 16 35.

As an ADVOKAT (the Danish titel) Maria Fontanet is appointed by the Ministry of Justice and has been a member since 2007 of The Danish Bar and Law Society (Advokatsamfundet) which regroups all lawyers in Denmark.

Since 2016 Maria Fontanet is also a member of The Bar and Law Society of Paris, France (Barreau de Paris).

The law firm JURIS’prudence has taken out compulsory professional insurance with insurance company HDI Danmark, Indiakaj 6, 2100 Copenhagen – insurance policy no. 156-08655339-14003.


The insurance coverage is limited to 5.000.000 DKK per lawyer per year as well as a guarantee also limited to 5.000.000 DKK. The insurance coverage is in accordance with the rules laid down by Advokatsamfundet. The insurance covers worldwide all professional activity performed by the lawyers of JURIS’prudence.


Maria Fontanet is also registered with the Danish Business Agency as an intermediary of real estate transactions and has as such taken out the professional insurance required by law of 3.000.000 DKK per lawyer per year and a guarantee of 2.000.000 DKK. This insurance is included in the insurance policy mentionned above.


The bank of the law firm JURIS’prudence is :


Sydbank A/S

Kongens Nytorv 30

1050 Copenhague


The law firm has all its collective and individual client accounts in this bank.

Deposits on client accounts are protected by the public guarantee fond Garantiformuen ( according to the provisions of the Act on Deposit Guarantee for depositors and investors. The deposit guarantee is limited to 100.000 € per depositor.


All relations with the clients are subject to the law firm’s General Conditions unless it is otherwise expressly agreed between JURIS’prudence and the client.