You wish to purchase real estate in Denmark. You need to know that special provisions apply to non-Danish citizens when they buy real estate in Denmark and it is strongly advised to consult a lawyer.

In Denmark the lawyer combines the role of lawyer and notary in relation to real estate. We therefore not only advise our clients on all aspects of the purchase of real estate but we also finalize the purchase from a legal and administrative point of view.

  • Assessment, advice and validation of the relevant legal, adminstrative and technical documentation for the property in question – signature of a purchase agreement
  • Drafting of the legal title (property deed)
  • Execution of registration formalities with the property register
  • Liaison with the estate agent and seller’s and buyer’s banks with regards to transfer of the sales price, striking off of existing mortgages, new mortgage registration etc.



Lawyer Maria Fontanet is registered with the Danish Business Agency as broker of real estate operations and for this purpose she has the proper professional insurance coverage required by law. Please find a link to the Danish Business Agency here (link til cvr)

In this capacity Me Maria Fontanet advises property sellers and acts as their broker.

  • Valuation of the property
  • Preparing of and drafting of the legal, administrative and technical documentation
  • Drafting of a sales brochure
  • Organisation of viewings
  • Drafting of the purchase agreement
  • Finalization of the sale in coordination with buyer’s lawyer



We assist our clients whether they are owners or tenants

  • Advising of tenant : Legal assessment of the lease agreement, negotiation if relevant and validation of agreement
  • Advising of owner : Drafting of the lease agreement, negotiation with the tenant if relevant