More and more employments contains an international element of some kind.

JURIS’prudence specializes in global mobility of the European work force.

We cover all aspects of global mobility:

  • Applicable law
  • Outposting of an employee
  • Expat employment
  • Which country’s social security system applies ?
  • Tax consequences for the employee (special tax scheme for expats, full or limited tax liability ?)
  • Tax consequences for the employer (Hire-of-international-labour-tax etc. )
  • Impact of International and supra-national legislation (ILO, EU-regulations etc.)
  • Collective agreements, trade unions and employer associations


Through our specialized business unit, NORDIC HR SERVICES, we offer to assist our clients with all the necessary administrative formalities related to an employment in Denmark : registration of the employee with the relevant administrations, obtaining of residence permit if relevant, implementation of social security scheme and tax scheme.